A lot of homeowners enjoy the idea of putting their homes on the market without the assistance of a real estate agent. Is this something you are considering? Perhaps you like the idea of being more in control of the selling process, or you simply want to keep your costs to a minimum. Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you know what to expect if you decide to sell without a realtor. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Do thorough research. Because you will not be benefiting from a realtor’s expertise, you will have to know all the legal requirements and contracts needed to complete the sale. You should also look into current housing market trends, particularly those in your neighborhood with properties similar to yours. You will need this so that you can price your own home accordingly. It is always good to be realistic when pricing your home, as you don’t want to waste time and energy because your house is overpriced.

While you may be looking to save as much money as possible by selling your house without a realtor, you will still have some expenses. Some of those expenses should not be skimped on. One example of this is the seller’s home inspection. Why is that important? A seller’s home inspection allows you to discover the condition of your property before you put it up for sale – this means that you can take care of any issues that may affect the sale before a potential buyer’s inspection does. An added advantage is that you may attract more interest and possible buyers if your home has had a recent inspection.

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