With the winter season coming to a close, we may consider doing some construction projects. This could be on our brick or masonry structures, and homes. Working in a chilly climate is usually regulated by codes and other guidelines set out for contractors and it is vital a contractor knows and heeds them in order to avoid problems down the road. As home inspectors, we have seen this more than once. Something else that is key to making a project a success, is the knowledge and adaptability of the builder.

Construction standards dictate certain methods while building brickwork or stonework when the surrounding air temperature is 40°F and below. The guidelines for building in cold weather are categorized into temperature ranges. Since conditions in the winter are ever-changing, a contractor has many different ways to get a job done, hence the need to be smart while carrying out this type of project.

The key is good planning and coordination with you the homeowner, and the contractor. It is always good to be informed and to know the way that material, gear, and strategies will be put to use for doing a project.

Man climbing ladder with house siding background
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