Imagine lying down in a bed that is infested with bed bugs. It might be one of the worst experiences you will have in your life. Bed bugs feed on blood and you can end up with red, itchy bumps all over your body.

Naturally, you want to avoid that experience, but the problem is that once you have been infested, bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of.

The only pesticide that was fairly effective at killing off bed bugs was DDT which is now banned because of its serious side-effects. At one time, bed bugs were considered to be extinct from many countries, but because of travel and the lack of an effective remedy, they are showing up in more and more places. There are some places where you should be extra careful, since you’re more likely to bring home bed bugs when visiting them. Hotels, hospitals and other places where many people from different areas end up staying the night can easily have bed bugs waiting for a new home, so before you stay in one of these places, examine your bed and other furniture carefully to make sure there isn’t anything there that you would bring with you home.

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