Which type of light source would best suit your needs and your space? A pendant hanging from the ceiling, or a fitted LED downlight? First of all, consider the benefits of each.

Pendant lights save space while still acting as a feature or decoration. Many of the pendant lighting options are designed to capture interest as a feature, not just a light source. Despite being so unique, pendants are also generally an affordable option when compared to other decorative lights.

Downlights, on the other hand, offer far more energy efficiency and a long lifespan, so you can forget about replacing those globes. While using little power, they also output far brighter light, filling more space evenly. Because downlights are generally LED technology, their color options are also far broader, giving you many possible choices of shade and hue.

While both offer their benefits, you’re not forced to choose. Perhaps the best option of all is to have both light sources to create flexibility and layers of character.

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