How do you get into your attic? You might have a pull-down ladder for access, since this saves space compared to using a staircase for getting up there.

While it is very nice to have this for space, it is not the most ideal for moving a lot of things into your attic. In fact, it can be dangerous, especially if you are trying to move heavy items up there. For safer access, you should have someone hand you items as you are standing on the ladder, and then you can drop them off on the attic floor before climbing up. It is also important that the ladder is installed properly.

You should check that the ladder is properly attached, since some homes weren’t built with safety in mind. It is entirely possible that the ladder could rip out off its location if the proper type of screws weren’t used. If the ladder is too long, that is also a problem, since you could end up breaking it when climbing up.

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