Have you ever had a piece of furniture tip-over? If so, you are not alone. According to one source, there are actually 3-4 injuries related to furniture tip-overs every hour here in the U.S.

The reason why that is so high is because the majority of homeowners don’t bother attaching the furniture to the wall with a tip-over bracket. A lot of furniture comes with these brackets supplied, but they do take some work to install. You will not regret spending the time and energy on doing this, however, if you have a close call with your child climbing up on a piece of furniture.

It is important, however, to make sure that the bracket is properly installed, or it won’t serve any purpose. The part of the furniture where you attach it, as well as, the wall itself needs to be stable and able to handle the weight. It should preferably be installed in a stud in the wall, but if this isn’t possible, make sure to use proper anchors to attach it to the wall.

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