Moisture in your home can bring so many problems. It can encourage mold growth, it can attract pests, it can cause rust or rot, just to mention a few. It makes sense to try to keep moisture out of your home as much as possible, but this is a tough battle to fight. You will find that water can find its way into your home in many ways. Vapor barriers are one tool that you should have in your toolkit to fight off water.

Vapor barriers are usually installed in a new build, but they can rip and need to be replaced. A vapor barrier can consist of a thin sheet of polyethylene plastic, or it can be in the form of a paint. No matter what type of barrier you use, it is important that it is whole and covers the surface completely. Paint that gets scratched will need to be reapplied, and if there is a rip or a tear in the plastic sheets, you should patch them or replace them.

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