While they are not used on most modern appliances, there are still a lot of appliances in use that have a pilot light for ignition. A pilot light is a constantly burning flame that feeds off of a gas line, thus providing a source of ignition for gas-powered appliances. While this will allow you to use appliances even when the power is out, there are many drawbacks to having a pilot light.

For one thing, you are constantly burning gas, whether you are using the appliance or not. While this is not a major draw on gas, it does add up over time. You also have the danger of your pilot light going out. This is not just going to make it so your appliance won’t light up, it also means that gas could be leaking out and collecting together posing an explosion risk.

Whenever you need to re-light a pilot light, watch out for the smell of gas, and make sure you air out the room before attempting to light it.

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